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The fields crackle just moments before deafening booms and bolts of silver gold light strikes the grounds, dusting the air with sparks that linger like fireflies, before fizzling out.
A haze settings across the view, and though at first the sounds and sights were alarming and new, Nuru smiles when you move closer to him and the open doorway gaze across the colorful land.
He raises a hand sheepishly, but the expression on his face is pure adoration as he tells you about his home, the farm and his work with his family.
Its all so magical, and so surreal, and yet, you smile encouragingly at Nuru, who own lights up like the dazzling bolts of lightening that strike, and says,
"I'm happy I could share my world with you." you can't help but think feel the sparks within yourself as the air fills with lightening, and joy crackles in your heart.
  • Heavy Card Stock
  • One Sided Gloss
  • This print is available in 10" x 8" with a full bleed
  • Signed by Yours Truly ^^

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