My OC Ishta Charm
My OC Ishta Charm
My OC Ishta Charm
My OC Ishta Charm
My OC Ishta Charm

My OC Ishta Charm

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This Shoulder Devil Ishta ๐Ÿ‘ฟ definitely has your best interest in mind, and by best interests, she means those sweets you've been telling yourself you don't need.

You don't HAVE to go into to work today, remember the new person they trained? And hey, that person who bumped you just now, go ahead and give them a good shove to make sure they never do it again!

Or you both can just stay inside, binge some shows and watch the days pass by, I mean, what's the point of being human if you can't ever enjoy it? Huh? Where'd you go? Oh well, work sucks anyways...

- High Quality Acrylic Charm
- Double-sided Design (the front side has a holographic finish)
- Features a normal circle Keyring
- Charm is 3 inches in Height
- Ishta is an Original Character
- Add it to your keys or your favorite bag!

Most items such as prints or comic books will be shipped out via a white poly mailer with a chipboard backing. Smaller multiple items such as our stickers, buttons, & key chains will be shipped out in bubbled envelopes as well. We use USPS First Class mailing for our smaller packages and USPS Priority for our heavier packages.

Clothing will be shipped out separately and you will be emailed a different tracking number as soon as the order is completed. Email us at for any questions.

If you have any issues or damages with your item please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

If you reside in the state of Maryland. Taxes will be applied to your order during checkout.

Currently we do not ship outside of the US.



'It was an easy and quick experience. When I received the stickers and key chain I was soooo happy when I got them! They are cute! Adorable! And looks perfect on my laptop! The keychain is very sturdy! Doesnโ€™t hang to low from my other random things on my keychain, and like I said super cute.'

Starr J.
Montgomery County, MD

The density of the acrylic keychain is very sturdy and solid - gives it a more durable structure. Doesn't feel fragile compared to other acrylic keychains. The studle texture of the acrylic makes for a different yet unique touch to the keychain in my opinion.

The image quality is immensely clear to the point that the character's appearance and small details are very pronounced. Not to mention the chosen colors are deliciously vibrant and striking! Very beautiful cohesive in terms of overall concept design.

The item I purchased is of perfect standard. Definitely recommend.

Prince George's County, MD

Middnite Designs provides beautiful artwork with an unparalleled focus on diversity. I love to purchase her work whenever I see her at conventions. Middniteโ€™s stickers are a particular favorite of mine, but I also buy her prints and comics whenever they catch my eye. And they really do capture your attention. She depicts everyone, but particularly women of color, in powerful poses and among beautiful scenery that really shows the essence of these characters. Thereโ€™s always something new, and itโ€™s refreshing to get stickers of people who look like they could be my friends. From our conversations, I know the care that goes into ensuring the correct skin tone or color combinations, and I genuinely appreciate the effort that she takes to make sure that she gets it right. ย 

Sierra D
Prince George's County, MD

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