Quetzalcoatl Issue One
Quetzalcoatl Issue One
Quetzalcoatl Issue One
Quetzalcoatl Issue One

Quetzalcoatl Issue One

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 After the death of her grandmother, Herminia Ximenez must come to terms not only with the loss of a loved one... but also the ancient Mayan god that was passed down to her. By accepting her heritage and with the help of family/friends, Herminia learns to control the ancient deity and become a leader to community.

Herminia was not bitten by a radioactive spider; she was not shot by gamma rays. She’s just a girl with a one of a kind grandmother and a rich history. Once upon a time her ancestor was the greatest warrior in the village. She cared and protected her small community from the evils of the outside world. She fought monsters, demons and men who wanted to harm them. Until one day a great storm came and proceeded to wipe out villages on all sides. The warrior went to confront the storm and found a god living inside of it, causing havoc- Quetzalcoatl. The warrior fought the god and trapped it in a ring. That ring has been passed down from generation to generation and has now been given to Herminia. Can she control the god inside or will she be overcome by it? Herminia wants to live her normal life with her friends and we get to see how this god changes her world around, and just how much courage she has in her. 

"The goal of our comic, beginning with issue #1, is to answer the question 'What is a leader?' rather than 'What makes a hero?' We argue that humility is an essential leadership trait. Being authentic, listening to others, this makes a difference. Leaders need to be more attentive than anything else." - Mickey Martinez

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